ATTA Connection is a revolutionary platform dedicated to transforming the competitive landscape of the arts. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision – to provide artists with a more personalized and enriching training experience, while offering them a second chance to shine on stage in the competitive world of the performing arts.

In an industry often dominated by massive ballrooms and intense competition, ATTA Connection stands out as a beacon of change. We believe that every artist deserves an opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive, regardless of their experience or background. That’s why we’ve created a convention and competition like no other.

Our signature “2nd Chance to Dance” competition provides a unique platform for performers to showcase their talent, learn from their experiences, and apply those lessons in a competitive setting. This second chance not only boosts confidence but also empowers artists to embrace the challenges of the industry with resilience and grace.

Join us at ATTA Connection and be part of a community that believes in the power of personalized training, second chances, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. Together, we’re redefining the future of the arts, one step at a time.

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Full ConVention

A 2 Day experience where dancers will learn from master educators, connect life lessons with their movement, and will perform in a showcase for family and friends at the end of the event. 

1 Day Convention

A 1 Day experience for dancers who are new to convention or not able to attend both days. Will have the opportunity to learn from master educators and grow, but will not perform at the end of the event.

Master Class

Get a special hour experience with legacy leaving educators in the industry. Students will be able to take a class from various different dance professionals who specialize in a multitude of dance styles.

2nd chance to dance solo

A competition where you get a second chance! This event is about showcasing talents, learning how to apply corrections in real-time, teamwork, and providing a second chance to shine on stage! 

Next event april 26 - 27, 2024

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Join us in revolutionizing the arts and providing personalized training opportunities for your students. Together, we can make a difference in the competitive world of performing arts.


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